An Introduction to St. Michael’s

Episcopal Shield

St. Michael’s Parish is an Episcopal congregation that is called to live and proclaim the transforming love of God. Our members come from all faith backgrounds and all are welcomed here.

As a congregation of The Episcopal Church, we have direct links to the historic Church from its beginnings to the present. As Christians we follow Jesus of Nazareth, who is alive and who is God in human flesh. The Book of Common Prayer forms the heart of our worship. We are part of the Protestant tradition in that we emphasize the reading of the Bible by everyone, and we strive always to worship and communicate in ways that are easy for people to understand. We are also part of the Catholic tradition in that we maintain the three orders of Bishop, Priest, and Deacon, and much of our worship is based on the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions as well as those of the Protestant reformers. We value the life of the intellect and enjoy asking questions more than giving answers. When it comes to inquiry in matters of faith, nothing is out of bounds.

Liturgical music reinforces prayer and is an integral part of worship. The holy blend of sacred text and sacred music, integrated within the liturgy, can transform those who sing and those who listen at their deepest levels. The St. Michael’s Choir is a community of singers with a commitment to musical excellence. Our ministry is centered around the Sunday morning service and special days in the liturgical year. We also offer to the community a musical program which reflects our mission, through regular choral concerts, instrumental recitals, and other musical presentations and workshops.

The Food Pantry at St. Michel’s is an ecumenical community wide ministry that serves anyone suffering from food insecurity. This growing ministry allows all that participate an opportunity to grow in faith, as we connect with our neighbors.

Above all, we strive always to respect and love one another as children of God. We uphold each other in prayer and support each other when needs arise. We are a community that finds its unity in our experience of God’s love and grace.