This past Wednesday, a group gathered on the lawn in front of Saint Michael’s for a Church picnic. Topping the menu was homemade pizza, baked in ovens made from modified rubbish cans. A couple of passers-by stopped to join us on the way along their journey from somewhere to somewhere else. The food was delightful, and more-so also was the companionship! There’s always a bit of time when we pause,…Keep Reading

Welcome to Church

Thank you to the church that produced this wonderful video.

The Rector Gets a phone call (a true story from The Food Pantry)

The Rector Bevan’s cell phone rang as he was on his way home after a recent Open Pantry Saturday morning at St. Michael’s. He faithfully answered as he is known to do in case of an after-hours emergency or urgent matter. As he pressed the accept call button on his phone, a strange and enthusiastic voice blurted out, “I just had to call you. I have to let you know…Keep Reading

Reflections on Morning Prayer by Bob Rumsey

I like the use of three rites, each with its own language and structure.

From Barnes Boffey of Success Counseling

In many of the difficulties that I observe within our community, I see this phenomenon in play. We tend to assume we know the correct interpretation of others’ actions (or lack of action). It helps if we can think of several alternative narratives, before we reach conclusions about others’ behaviors. —Bevan


Why do we dedicate our time, talent and treasure to the church.