Children’s Christian Education

A Sunday School program is offered one Sunday a month during the 10 a.m. service. On these Sundays any child that would like to help with the ringing of the bell at 9:50 a.m. should arrive by 9:45 a.m. Children can sit with their parents for the start of the church service before we move to the Community House for Sunday School activities. Check the event calendar for upcoming dates.

Every Sunday the Children’s Chapel on the south side of the church is available for any young people that would like to color, play or read during the church service. Each week the Children’s Chapel is stocked with copies of The Sunday Paper (age 9 and up) and The Sunday Paper Junior (ages 3 to 10). The Sunday Paper is lectionary based, meaning it is based on the scripture we are ready each Sunday during service. If you miss service on Sunday, please stop in a bring home a copy of The Sunday Paper.

Adult Christian Education

Weekly Bible Study is held in the library on Wednesday mornings. All are welcome. This group typically  reads and discusses the scripture that will be read at the upcoming Sunday services. Those readings can be found here on The Lectionary Page . Check our events calendar for other season Bible Studies, often held in the evening. Check the events calendar for the time.


Our Rector, Bevan Stanley, periodically leads a Confirmation class.  The class is open to anyone who is in ninth grade or older. It is not assumed that everyone who takes the class will choose to be confirmed. Rather, the purpose of the class is to provide enough information so that each participant can decide for themselves whether to reaffirm the vows of the Baptismal Covenant previously made on their behalf by their parents and god-parents. This is a chance to ask questions, to explore one’s beliefs and doubts, and to engage in frank and honest conversation about all the different aspects of our tradition, our personal faith, and the practice of our religion.

In the past the text for the teenagers was “My Faith, My Life” by Jennifer Gamber, and for the adults “Your Faith, Your Life” also by Jennifer Gamber. They cover roughly the same material, but in slightly different order. They are available from for class-time preparation. The class will, of course, also uses the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer. Each student should have access to these at home.

Please contact Bevan at or 860-491-5024 if you are interested in Conformation.