Are You New to St. Michael’s?

How to Find Us

Please see the Contact Us page for a map, as well as different methods of contacting us.

Our Full Calendar contains our service schedule in addition to parish happenings.

Are you…

  • In need of assistance with a baptism, marriage, burial, or other sacrament? Please read the information on this website, and/or contact the church directly. Our contact information is here.
  • Interested in transferring your church membership to St. Michael’s? Please call the parish office or email us. Our contact information is here.
  • Interested in having your children attend Church school and being confirmed in the Episcopal Church? Please read about this on our Christian Education page.
  • Hoping to find like-minded adults to share in adult Christian education? Information about our adult ed programs is also available on our Christian Education page, as well as our Full Calendar.
  • Interested in getting involved in an active Episcopal church? Please read about our many opportunities to be involved.
  • Looking to join our choir or learn more about our musical events? Please read about our music program, and our musical events, and/or send an email to the Music Director, Marguerite Mullée.
  • Fascinated by historical buildings, stained glass including Tiffany windows, and wood carvings? Interested in seeing close-up our fabulous 2,221-pipe organ? Call our office at 860-567-9465 to inquire about a church tour, or join us one hour prior to church concerts when we offer guided tours.