About Our Banner Pictures

Our banner, if you look at it long enough, rotates through 4 pictures.

The image of the stained glass windows shows one of the two rows of our East Window, as photographed by Robert Fertitta and we are so grateful to him that he is letting us use his photography. Mr. Firtitta is engaged in an astonishing project to photograph as many stained glass windows in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut as he possible can, or something along those lines. You can see his amazing work, and read about some of his plans, on his Facebook page: The Stained Glass Windows of the Episcopal Diocese of CT. There, he has a discussion about his project which uses several of the bottom set of images from our very tall West Window, while one of the banners on our website shows the top row of images. His photo of the entire window is at the bottom of this news page.

One of the other banner images shows the inside of the church; however, we would like to get this updated as we have new lights and would like to show of the better lighting some time soon.

A third banner images shows the big spread we had at the 2015 Church Picnic.

A fourth banner (not in the order listed here) shows the center of the nave where Reverend Bevan Stanley, our Rector, is preparing the Eucharist, and children are often invited to come to the alter there to be up close and personal with the preparation. The sun is coming through our south window at just the right angle to highlight this lovely scene, while half of the choir is in the background singing.

St. Michael's East Window, photographed by Robert Fertitta