St. Michael’s Colossal Puppet Theater Company

Colossal Puppets at the Epiphany Procession 2009


Colossal or processional puppets have been a tradition at St. Michael’s since the last few years of the 20th century. Our very first set of “3 Kings” were designed and made by Clair Hartman, Susan Aziz and several creative parishioners. They were fashioned from chicken wire and papier mache’ and hence, only lasted through a very few pageants. Over the years we have made and remade different versions of our enormous puppets, first under the creative direction of Susan Aziz and more recently directed by Dana Rohn.

Camel, Wise Man, and Dana

Our puppets today

St. Michael’s Colossal Puppets are an exciting part of our performing arts offerings each year. From our annual battle of good and evil on the Feast of St. Michael, to our ever growing cast of Angels, Kings (good and bad), shepherds, sheep, and the Holy family on Epiphany Sunday. Our merry band of puppeteers includes children starting as young as 4 years old and everyone on up! Adults and children alike enjoy the fellowship and ministry of the puppets!

The Angel

Our puppets do travel!

We have taken our puppets to other parishes and schools to help them celebrate the seasons, either by performing for them, or by having their own community members learn to “drive” the puppets themselves. We do ask a reasonable fee for these visits, as our ministry does have ongoing expenses ! For information on how you or your group can host the puppets, please call the Parish office at 860-567-9465. The Parish Administrator will pass the message on to the Puppet Company director.