Reflections on Morning Prayer by Bob Rumsey

What I like about Morning Prayer:
I like the use of three rites, each with its own language and structure. Rite 3, on Monday, is the most modern in language and structure. Rite 2, on Tuesday, is more traditional in structure but retains the modern language. Rite 1, on Thursday, uses the language of the King James Bible along with the traditional structure. A different rite each day keeps the service fresh.

I like both officiating and reading the service. Bevan usually officiates, but that function may be assumed by any of the worshipers present at the time. The other participants divide the reading of the assigned lessons among themselves.

I like the continuous contact with the Bible, especially the 150 Psalms, which we try to read in sequence in their entirety, one or more each day depending on their length. I like the minute of silence following the reading of each of the three lessons. It’s the kind of thing I miss when it’s omitted, as it is on Sundays. Silence gives us motive and time to reflect on the lesson that we have just heard.

I like meeting in the Choir. In Morning Prayer, we are technically the voice of the Church at prayer, even if only one person is present to read the service, and it’s easy to identify with that function in such a beautiful setting.

I like the deeper feeling of connection with the divine I sense during and after the service.

What I don’t like about Morning Prayer: That it’s only three days a week! Wednesday we have Bible class followed by Eucharist, which fills the gap appropriately. But Friday is an outlier – so far. I’d love to arrange a session on that day.