The Food Pantry at St. Michael’s

The Food Pantry at St. Michael’s is open every 3rd Saturday of the month in the St. Michael’s Community House. Doors open at 9:30 for coffee/tea and companionship.  Food distribution is from 10:30-12:30. The door at the west end is handicap accessible.

The Food Pantry at Saint Michael’s is an outreach program of this faith community in collaboration with other neighbors. All are welcome. We are neighbors who nurture each other. We are on a first name basis only, respecting privacy. There is no proof of need. Come for the groceries, a cup of coffee, a bite of a snack, a little conversation, or just to stock up on some companionship.

The Food Pantry first began distributing free groceries in April of 2017 with the intention of helping those struggling to make it through the end of the month when funds typically run low. Since then, the response in both generosity of giving and amount of need has mushroomed. After being open more than a year and a half, we now typically distribute more than a ton of food each month to more than 50 households who take away food for more three times as many individuals in the Litchfield area. Left over perishables are then delivered to area affordable housing and other service institutions.

Fresh and shelf-stable items are distributed from the Community House, every third Saturday of each month from 10:30am-12:30pm. Access to emergency provisions is available at any time, provided on a shelving unit next to the kitchen.The Community House is located just across the driveway from the stone Church.

The Food Pantry includes eight commercial shelving units, two freezers, and a large refrigerator to provide storage. Donations of non-perishables may be left in the Church on the side pews at any time. Fresh  produce, meat, eggs, etc. are also gratefully accepted. Please contact the Church Office (see below) to arrange delivery for perishable items.

New volunteers and financial contributions are also most welcome.

Checks may be made payable to “Saint Michael’s” with “Food Pantry” marked in the memo line. Contact us through the Church Office via email at, by phone at 860-567-9465, and by mail at PO Box 248, 06759.

We are entirely supported by neighbors – individuals, organizations, merchants. Our patrons are too numerous to mention here. Generosity abounds. Our guests give us love, life and gratitude. May God continue to bless us all, no exceptions.

-Deacon Amy

Thank you note from 10-23-17:

“I am over the age of 70 and I never dreamed of myself or any member of my family ever standing in line for food other than in a grocery store. Yet with my adopted daughter, who has had a lifelong struggle with disabling birth defects and illness…A nd… who is now struggling to live an independent life… Together we found ourselves in line at the food pantry. I sincerely thank you for the kindness and thoughtfulness we experienced here. The generosity was almost overwhelming. To see her spirits lifted was wonderful.

Many thanks, M.L.”