Our Building Improvements

Our three year Capital Campaign has enabled us to make major improvements to our building.  We have recently completed  renovations to the roof, buttresses, outer and inner walls, and have installed one of two new stained glass windows.

Repairs to the roof will help with water leakage and other damage.  Repairs to the buttresses and outer walls will make the building more secure.

Our New Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Resources, Inc. installed the stained glass in the west window starting on October 23.

This window depicts creation – oceans, rivers, earth, sky, heavens, and their inhabitants from whales to angels – which are described in Canticle I, on page 47 of the prayer book.  Called a Song of Creation or the Song of the Three Young Men, the next to last stanza begins with, “O ye servants of the Lord, Praise ye the Lord, Praise him and Magnify Him forever,” which is inscribed across the lower part of the window.

We have had a framed cartoon of this design in the church for as long as anyone can remember.  Designed by the French artist Edward Liddall Armitage, it appears to have been done in the 1920’s or 30’s.  While many of the medieval gothic churches depicted the last judgement on the west, with the resurrection on the east, the group that met to discuss the windows agreed that this creation window was appropriate for our church and for Litchfield.

Scott McDaniel, the designer on the staff of Stained Glass Resources, received his early training at the Burnham studio, which designed some of our earlier glass. He has taken the cartoon and simplified some of the details in the framework and enriched the colors in the images.  There have been several field trips to visit the studio and watch how the glass is cut, painted, and assembled.  It’s impressive how much careful work goes into each panel of this huge window.