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  • Section 1.     All persons who are members of this Parish as of the date of the adoption  of these By-laws, shall continue to be members.

    Section 2. The Rector of this Parish shall be a member thereof.

    Section 3. Any person may become a member of this Parish by submitting a written application to the Clerk, furnishing evidence that he or she is enrolled as a Communicant of the Church and has attained the age of sixteen years, provided that no person may be a member of more than one Parish of this Diocese at any time, and provided, further, that the requirements of this section shall be deemed to have been met by any Communicant over sixteen years of age who removes to this Parish, upon presentation of  the  certificate  required  by  Canon 16,  Section 4 (a) of the General Convention, in the manner prescribed by Canon II, Section 2 of this Diocese.

    Section 4.   When any person  has become a member of this Parish he shall  remain    such until the relationship is terminated by death, or by written notice of withdrawal, or by vote of the Parish at the annual Parish meeting, the reason for the termination of such relationship in the last mentioned case to be determined by the Vestry, and reported to the Parish, in accordance with the provision of Article II, Section 10 of these By-laws; provided that notices of the proposed action shall have been given to such member either personally or by letter addressed to him at his residence or last known place of residence, by the Vestry of the Parish, at least seven days before the time of said annual meeting.

    Section 5.  Of the members of the Parish only those shall be entitled to vote at any   Parish meeting who shall be adult Communicants and who for at least six months prior to that meeting shall have been faithful attendants at the services of the church in the Parish, unless for good cause prevented, faithful contributors to its support, and faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the kingdom of God; these facts to be determined in each case by the Vestry, in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 of the Canons of the Diocese of Connecticut.