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25 South Street, P.O. Box 248, Litchfield, CT 06759

Phone: 860-567-9465


Wardens, Officers, and Vestry

St. Michael’s Executive Committee and Vestry by Class.


Executive Committee

Chairman:  Fr Ian Montgomery

Wardens:  Michael LaHart – Senior Warden, Peg Sullivan – Junior Warden

Officers: Melissa Kneuer – Clerk, Barbara Putnam – Treasurer


Terms ending 2024: Melissa Kneuer, Susie Pollock

Terms ending 2025: Anne Bowen, Anne Yanaway

Terms ending 2026: Stuart Anderson, Bob Rumsey

Diocesan Delegates: Sara Gadomski, Denise Butwill, Alternate: Paul Kneuer

Fr Ian B Montgomery , Chairman

Michael LaHart, Senior Warden

St. Michael’s became the church home for me and my family in 2016 when we moved to Litchfield. I was raised Roman Catholic and was introduced to the Episcopal Church 20 years ago by my partner (now spouse). We have a 9 year old daughter who keeps us busy(!). I’d love to welcome more families to St. Michael’s. 
I am always looking for opportunities to reach out to the community – I think there are many people who don’t know about St. Michael’s and that the Episcopal Church is a welcoming place for all. I enjoy gardening and can often be found wandering in the Memorial Garden. As a small business owner, I bring a business/ management perspective to my role as Senior Warden. 

Peg Sullivan, Junior Warden

Having arrived here via Rochester NY, Minneapolis MN and Waterbury CT, I met my husband. We bought a 1902 carpenter gothic home and discovered St. Michael’s. It has been my pleasure to be able to serve as a liturgical assistant, member of the altar guild, lay visitor, seamstress for our Colossal Puppets and as a dragon lady. When not puttering around the church I enjoy singing with The Waterbury Chorale, spending time with family and friends and our neighbor’s dogs, being outside and lazing in our hammock. Our porch is always open to visitors, human and canine.

Melissa Kneuer, Clerk

Melissa is a trained mentor for Education for Ministry and has used her talents to keep this group going even after our rector’s retirement. She is a half-timer at Michael’s, and participates in service when she is at her  home in Warren.  She serves as a lector, intercessor and Morning Prayer Officiant. She was formerly a Warden and vestry member at her other parish in northern NJ.  She describes herself as a bookworm, and perpetual student.  We were thrilled to have her daughter married at St. Michael’s in September, 2021.

Barbara Putnam, Treasurer

I was baptized as an adult at St Michael’s in 1986, when I had recently moved to Litchfield with my husband and infant daughter.  This has been my church ever since.  Over the years,  I did three of the four years of Education for Ministry, served as a chalice bearer, liturgical reader, warden, clerk, treasurer, and member of the altar guild, choir, vestry, property, worship commissions and led an African Bible Study.

I currently sit on the Property Committee and serve as treasurer. 

Saint Michael’s has been there for me in the changing seasons of my life: as parent to a young child growing to adulthood, as a spouse, and now a widow. We were between priests when my husband died last fall, but I asked for and received tremendous support from the church community as we planned his funeral. As our priest, Jenni Matheson, used to say, “God is good, all the time.”

Anne Bowen

My path to St. Michael’s was rather circuitous but in the end it was the then current organist/choirmaster who drew me here.  Now I’m here to stay!  When I moved to the Northwest corner in 1958 as a young bride I became an Episcopalian at St. John’s, Salisbury.  My late husband was Clerk of the Vestry there for many years.  l was head of the Altar Guild and served on the Vestry there and our children were baptized there and acolytes.  My son is now Senior Warden at his church in Massachusetts.
        My late husband taught at The Hotchkiss School for many years and the School was a major part of my life for 31 years.  I worked in several departments there but found my niche working in the library.  Before the School went coed, I even spent some time on the Hotchkiss Stage!
        Travel has always been a large part of my life.  I’ve lived in London and Florence.  I have been to all seven continents. My favorite trip was to the Geographic North Pole aboard a Russian nuclear powered Ice breaker!
        I love water:  being in it (I am an avid snorkeler), being on it in any type and size of craft and living next to it.  People are also “my thing” and I have been blessed with many friends.

            In addition to being a Vestry member, Anne is a liturgical assistant, intercessor and lector.

Anne Yanaway

I have been a member of St. Michael’s since 2005. Over the years, I have served on the vestry, taught church school, assisted with our Epiphany pageant, and helped to drive shut-ins to church. I am a widow, and have two children in their early twenties. I am a physical therapist, but my bachelors degree is in Classical Archaeology. 

Susie Pollock

I came to St Michael’s in the 1970’s as a young widow with two small children. Originally drawn in by the beauty of the building and the Anglican musical tradition, this church has been my rock ever since.

I have served on the vestry several times – as a member, as Clerk and as Senior Warden and was also chair of a previous search committee and involved with stewardship. I am a total choral junkie and have sung in the choir for 34 years and sing with the Hartford Chorale. I also act as lector, intercessor, counter and sometime proofreader.
My family has lived in Litchfield for many generations so I have deep roots in the community. I am a Realtor with Wm Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty. My very amusing miniature dachshund, Nugget, keeps me going on my daily walks.

Stuart  Anderson

Bob Rumsey