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Colossal Puppets

Colossal Puppets


Parade puppets in colossal scale have been a tradition at St. Michael’s since the last few years of the 20th century.  Our very first set of tall puppets were designed to tell the story of the nativity, and were made by Claire Hartman, Susan Aziz and Dana Rohn to be carried by children of the church school.  They were fashioned from chicken wire and papier mache’ and hence, only lasted through a very few pageants.  Over the years we have made and remade different versions of our enormous puppets, under the creative direction of Susan Aziz and with the help of many dedicated volunteers.

Our Puppets Today

St. Michael’s Colossal Puppets are an exciting part of our Christmas celebration each year.  Our ever-evolving collection of angels, shepherds, sheep, kings (both good and bad) and the Holy family form the centerpiece of our celebration of the Epiphany each year.

Our yearly celebration of the Epiphany always has room for one more lamb. Join us.