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25 South Street, P.O. Box 248, Litchfield, CT 06759

Phone: 860-567-9465


What to Expect

What to Expect

All are welcome at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.

We are pleased you are curious about joining us on a Sunday morning. Welcome.

If you are unable to join us physically, please join us from home. We make an effort to stream the 10am Sunday service. Our most current service can be found here on Youtube.

You are invited to wear whatever you are comfortable in. Come in a dress or in shorts, we don’t have a dress code!

The 8am service is held in our beautiful chapel, to the left of the main altar. This is an intimate, spoken service. 

St. Michael’s choir sings every Sunday from September through May at the 10am service, and is off during the summer months. During the summer many weeks our choir director offers a pick up choir. From the choir or from the pew, we would love for you to add your voice to our song!

Children are welcomed and encouraged to attend services. Currently books, coloring materials or building block are available for families to take to their seat in the pews, or families may use the children’s chapel on the south side of the sanctuary. This space allows children to color, play and read while still hearing the service.  

All are welcome at communion. If you prefer not to receive communion, but would like a blessing, please come to the altar rail with your arms crossed over your chest, and we will be happy to bless you. If you need communion brought to your pew, please inform an usher.

Please join us for refreshments and fellowship at coffee hour after the 10 am service, most weeks. This is held in the Community House, the yellow building across the driveway.