Bells of Hope

Our community, like many others, are ringing bells at 8:00pm each night. It is done as a sign of hope and to let each other know that we are not alone. At  St.Michael’s a group of 6 volunteer families are taking turns each night ringing the bell.
The bell sits on on a 3’ frame, somewhat like a sawhorse. The wheel that causes it to be rolled is 21” in diameter and the bell is said to weigh 200 lb.
The info in the tour book notes the following: High above the crossing is the belfry which contains the third bell of the parish, cast in 1920 at the Meneely & Company Bellfoundry in Troy, New York. It bears the inscription: “CAST IN 1920 FOR THE FOURTH ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH, REPLACING THE BELL OF 1855, WHICH IN TURN REPLACED THE FIRST BELL OF 1828. ADESTE FIDELES”.
The bell sounds Tenor E and is rung manually from a rope just inside the tower stairs.
Some pictures of the climb up the bell tower. It’s a bit spooky and fun.
Bell Ringer Michael
Bell Ringer Audrey
Bell Ringer up
Bell Ringer down